Be Conference
The Be Conference, Utopia NOW! is seeking volunteers who would like to participate in this empowering event as registrars, faculty assistants, technical support, room monitors, drivers, meal prep, liaisons, gofers, and other aides. In exchange for your services, you will be able to participate in the conference at the extremely discounted registration fee of $288. You will be expected to work approximately 25% of the time, and will be on call for the remainder of the conference.

STEP 1: Select from the list of Volunteer Positions and submit the online application below before September 15, 2011. *Please let us know what other contributions you may be able to make.

STEP 2: Receive your confirmation email and register using the link provided in your confirmation email.

STEP 3: Attend the Orientation Telecall Meeting on October 15, prior to the beginning of the conference. (Attendance at the Orientation Meeting is mandatory!)

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Volunteer Positions

I. Registrar

Registration is the participant's first contact with the conference and those working at the registration table represent the 8th Annual Be Conference and Life Enhancement Systems to the public. Desirable skills include the ability to multi-task, handle money comfortably, get along well with all sorts of people, and a cheerful, friendly disposition.

II. Door/Room Monitors

Door/Room Monitors are responsible for controlling access to the conference and workshop rooms, making sure that all who enter the room have the appropriate wrist band and ticket. These volunteers also help participants find seating, and may be asked to handle lights in the room, arrange or re arrange the seating in the room, and respond to any other requests regarding the conference space. Room monitors help maintain the energy of the room, control the flow of people in and out of the room, and represent The Be Conference and Life Enhancement Systems to the participants. Desirable skills include ability to stand for one hour or more, friendliness, the ability to greet people graciously, and the willingness to be firm when necessary.

III. Hotel Liaison

One Volunteer will be designated as Guest House Liaison. All requests related to the hotel will go through this person. This person will control the room temperature, request additional tables, chairs, water, etc. This function is separate from the Vender Coordinator, who deals with the vendors' requirements.

IV. Faculty Assistant

Faculty Assistants assist the speakers or workshop presenters in meeting their needs before, during, and after their lecture or workshop(s). This may include making sure water or other beverages are available; making sure seating is appropriate, distributing handouts, and other tasks as required. Faculty Assistants may also be required to assist with doors and/or serve as Room Monitor.

V. Video Tech

Video Techs will be monitoring a camera and doing live video switching in conjunction with a second camera operator. Skills should include camera operating techinque, ability to stand for one hour at a time, a steady hand and some grace. These videos are to be of professional quality, which will represent Life Enhancement Systems to our current and Future Customers. Knowledge of editing process and/or Final Cut Pro is also desirable.

VI. Floater

The Floater will assist any of the other volunteers as requested. The Floater may also serve as a runner to get additional supplies, make copies, change for registration, and meet the needs of the conference organizers. This person may also be asked to serve as Hotel Liaison.