*A recommended donation amount is $10 - $20 per session.

**Please read the event list completely and note the exact dates of activities.

Sunday (Colorado Springs)

Breakthrough Breathwork:
Experience More Love in Your Life
-Kris Cassidy & Savanna Cassidy

1-6PM OR/AND 3-6PM

617 N. 17TH, Old Colorado City

This simple dynamic breathing meditation helps you find more of the love, peace and passion of your true divine nature. Participate in either the Full Day Workshop or the Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation afternoon session only.

Full workshop includes:

    • Group exploration of the blocks that cover your heart, person
    • Personalized coaching to assist you in your self-discovery
    • 3-hour Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation
      • Release & heal blocks
      • Experience profound relaxation
      • Massively release stress and pent-up emotions
      • Heal physical pain and past trauma
      • Open up to unforgettable spiritual experiences and divine transformational energy

  • Afternoon Session includes: 3-Hour Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation

    Full Workshop 1-6PM:
    ONLY $67!
    (Regularly $110)

    Afternoon Session 3-6PM:
    ONLY $30!
    (Regularly $55)



Monday (Colorado Springs)

Conscious & Cannabinoids
Dr. Robert Melamede



The Doc is back. A very rare opportunity to meet a living pioneer of well-being. We have the great honor to host one of the foremost scientists in the world regarding the medicinal value of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Dr. Robert Melamede is ready to bring the most cutting edge and up to date information on the data compiled regarding the Cannabis Impact on health. Dr. Melamede is a pragmatic scientist who sees immense well-being opportunities in this plant of life.

Throughout my life I have been fascinated and amazed by life, always wondering what it is and how it works. Modern molecular biology and far from equilibrium thermodynamics have provided me with answers that I find very satisfying. Simply and simplistically put, it is natural for the flow of energy and matter to act 'creatively'. This fact of physics serves as the central theme for all courses that I teach. It provides a scientific basis for understanding life and death, health and disease. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this approach." -Dr. Robert Melamede

Dr. Melamede is the former Chair of the biology department at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He teaches at UCCS courses on biology including Endocannabinoids and Medical Marijuana. Learn more, click here.

FREE! Donation is recommended.

*This program is made possible by a grant from Life Enhancement Systems, LLC.


Friday-Sunday (Esalen, Big Sur, CA)

Heart Fire: Tending the Flame of
Your Sva Shakti
- Shiva Rea

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. -Rumi

Thanksgiving retreat to tend your heart fire authentically as the center of your creativity, vision, inspiration, wisdom, and most of all the transforming power of love,î writes Shiva Rea. Retreat to the warm springs of Esalen during the Thanksgiving weekend for a ritual deepening and renewal of the heart fire. This popular retreat is open to those returning from previous years and newcomers who are transforming Thanksgiving weekend into an ideal time for unwinding, healing, and tending the sacred fire of the heart.

Together we will explore:

  • The universal and ancient understanding and practices of our heart center from tantra, Hatha, and Bhakti yoga, integrated with our heart's intelligence for releasing our capacity for healing wisdom and love

  • Dynamic and meditative vinyasa flow yoga to awaken the body mandala and heart fire

  • Chanting of the bija mantras of the heart chakra and the body mandala

  • Simple householders homa for connecting to the heart fire in daily life

This immersive retreat is for practical mystics seeking equal parts transformational vinyasa yoga, meditation, ecstatic movement meditation, and group exploration. Every year has been a great adventure that weaves live music, chanting, and ritual into a heart-based approach to the flow of yoga. Please bring a yoga mat.



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