Once a year every Fall, a unique group of forward thinkers and mobilizers gather together near the base of America's Mountain, Pike's Peak in Colorado, for an exhilarating timeless conversation and resonating exploration into the depths of existence, life, human potential and possibility.


The Be Conference conversation theme:
ETHICS : BEING in the 21st Century

What is the ethical role of a conscious and awake human being at this moment in human history?

The primary conversation topic centers around "Ethics of Being." There are many tools and technologies available today that specifically teach people how to motivate and persuade themselves and others. As human beings, we implicitly or explicitly influence everyone we come in contact with. Using our abilities to consciously influence those we come in contact with requires a high degree of responsability.

  • Leadership - International, National, Local
  • Social Engineering - Community Health
  • Human Evolution - High tech / Low tech Rennaisance, Conscious Development, Human Augmentation
  • An Optimum Life - Agriculture / Food Production
  • Natural Energy - Energy boomerang
  • Globalization - Ethical business practices
  • Policy Ethics - The new ethics in politics
  • Olympistica - The human potential

We will co-create the conversations around Ethics by placing our questions in facilitated open forum for the group to engage. The Be Conversation is an inspired opportunity to catalize high impact positive change and influence. Be the change you want to se in the world.


In an ongoing commitment to the evolution of human consciousness through the genres of human and experience design engineering, education, spirituality, ecological economics, human values, and science, The Be Conference explores the potential for optimum life - covering the scope of who we truly are and where we are headed as a species, as a world, and as an evolutionary movement in motion. Join us at the next The Be Conference on Thanksgiving week in November, 2016.





Be Conference

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